Thursday, May 31, 2012

Something New

Well chickadees, it has been done!

I have been thinking about how to revamp this blog for a long time, and this is the "final" product.
(Reasons for the " " ? I just know me and how I do things and that I will forever be adding/removing things on this blog, hence it will never be FINAL)

Breaking it down a bit, you will see my Instagram photos at the top, and I will be changing these out each week to show what's going on currently in my life. I've also added a Weekly Inspiration section on the right which shows a quote or image that inspires me.

Another new addition is the lovely link buttons to my Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts (Love!) so you can stalk me even more than you would probably like to. You can also contact me through email as well.

I am very excited for this blog's new beginning! Writing is something that I really do love to do - I promise! (Sometimes it just gets hard when that's ALL I do all day at work!)

Stay tuned for more...