Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Catching Up.


I'm sorry.

For the lack of posts over the last..... four months. I will admit that I was in denial about it having been that long since my last post. "I'll do it tomorrow!" I kept telling myself. But, we all know how that works with me- tomorrow turns into three weeks later and I have done NOTHING. I happened to be checking a friends blog she had recently updated and saw my name on her blog roll stating "four months ago..." as my last post date.

My jaw dropped.

I am making a resolution! From today, November 22, 2011, I will be making the utmost effort to post daily. There is so much AWESOME stuff going on in my life that I tend to forget about because I don't write it down. My daily journal has been neglected as well, so that's another thing I need to make an effort with. But never fear, I will make a colossally awesome return to the blog-world, starting here.

You might ask yourself,

"What have you been doing if you haven't been blogging for three months?"

Well, the easy and honest answer to that would be: School started up and I have been lost among mountains of homework, dance and disgusting financial aid stipulations, I am working two jobs and saving all of my pennies, spending time with my boyfriend and best friends, and SLEEPING.


You didn't want the honest answer. And to be honest, I didn't want to give it to you. I would rather have you think I have been so busy fighting crime and protecting the city one rogue citizen at a time that I simply didn't have time to blog.

So instead of boring you with the truth, or lying to you, here is what I have been doing for the past three months. In photo form.

I have been busy:

Boating with The Skipper

Tending Leonardo

Being a brunette, then having more fun as a blonde, then returning to being a brunette...

Attending the First Annual "Buns & Huns" event

Baking                                              Baking                                             Baking...

Enjoying quality family time

 Crafting it up.

Geeking out.

 Breaking rules.

Being the best photographer's assistant I can be.

 Moonlighting as Jessie in my spare time with my partner in crime, Woody.
Having a blast with Foreigner, Night Ranger and JOURNEY.

Trying to get back into the ballroom swing of things.  


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