Monday, June 4, 2012

One Year Ago

It's strange to me how quickly time passes in some instances, yet so slowly in others.

For example, when you are waiting for good news or the work day to end, or maybe even a bathroom on a road trip, time seems to drip one grain of sand at a time into the hourglass. You might even start to wonder if the clock has stopped altogether or going backwards even.

When you're dating someone, though, sometimes the time just flies.

I can't believe that it's been one year since this post. And this post. And this one.

Last summer, I did a lot of amazing things. One year ago today I went on my first date with Brady. I still remember that night like it was only a few short months ago.

He asked me for my number with a jar of salsa. At work, we would instant message back and forth, sitting just a few cubicles away. As I was on a call one day, I turned around to see him standing there, awkwardly clutching a large mason jar full of salsa in both hands. He looked at me for a few moments, and then went back to his desk without saying a word. Shortly after, I saw his instant message window flash on my screen. He asked me if he could trade the salsa for something. He said he wanted to trade the salsa for my number, so he could take me on a date.

It was so adorably cheesy that I couldn't say no.

Our first date was scheduled for Friday, June 4th. I nervously anticipated it all week. We had a company outing the day before and I knew I was going to ask Brady if we could drive together so I could scout him out pre-date outside of work. I still remember how natural it felt to say "Brady & I" as we discussed driving arrangements. I remember getting into his pristine Mazda 3, not knowing about the Jimmy that was probably parked down at the station and that the Mazda would soon be leaving us for another owner. I remember how his sideburns were just a little too long and had started to blend with his reddish stubble; his sunglasses interrupting their lines. I would later find out that he needed a haircut but never got time to go before our date. I didn't mind. We laughed and joked with ease, tossing jabs back and forth in the car about everything. He played Big John for us to listen to on the way up and made fun of me for everything under the sun, and swore that I would be driving us home.

At our outing, we raced go-karts and I embarrassed myself in a round of miniature golf. We sat next to each other and ate pizza and laughed more and more. In the arcade, he gave me all of his hard earned tickets so that I could buy a blue yo-yo, and he won sparklers for having a "sparkling personality". At the end of the day, he took me back to Jenna's house where I was living at the time and told me he would see me tomorrow.

Friday came and I was a ball of nervous energy. The work day couldn't pass by quickly enough, but the clock was doing that thing again where it tries to go backwards instead of hurrying ahead to a better time. The date was at seven, but I got off work at six, leaving me one measly hour to travel and primp. Jenna rushed me home, I scrambled into the shower and prayed for my hair to look decent by the time he showed up at my door. I remember making Jenna straighten the back of my hair because I was so overwhelmed about getting ready in time that I was just making matters worse where my Hermionie-ish mane was concerned. As I put the finishing touches on my ensemble, which consisted of a striped shirt and jeans, I heard a knock on the door.

He stood there in a shirt I've seen him wear countless times over this year, and jeans I hardly see him wear now. I remember thinking how I had never seen him wear jeans before, and I liked how he came in and waited for me like a gentleman. We walked out to the car and he opened the door for me, and continued to for the rest of the evening. We went up to Salt Lake to see a Motocross  race. He kept asking if it was a lame date, but I was honestly excited. He lied to me and kept telling me he had entered me in to a drag racing competition and that I was going to have to sign all sorts of paperwork once we got there. That was a lie. At the race, we stood around and talked about everything under the sun, from his accident to my dancing to families and friends and everything in between. Conversation flowed between us so naturally and I was so intrigued by him. We sat on the bleachers watching racers jump off dirt mounds and I brushed his leg with my hand. It did the trick. He held my hand as I wore his jacket and we kept talking throughout the race. I can honestly say that I didn't pay very much attention to the bikes, which he may have been counting on but I didn't mind. As we left the park, he asked Rita, his trusty navigation to take us to eat dinner. We pulled up at  The Cheesecake Factory and continued to talk, this time over delicious pasta dishes. I remember us talking about our past relationships and the church, and our families, too. I was amazed at how easily we interacted together. It felt like we fit. He ordered a slice of Oreo cheesecake to go and we set out to take me home.

I will spare you the rest of the details of the evening, but I will tell you that the conclusion of that date brought the conclusion of one of the most memorable, magical, enchanting nights of my life. I remember walking up the stairs quietly as to not wake anyone, and laying on the couch with a smile plastered to my face that could put Gilderoy Lockhart to shame. It was the beginning of something amazing, I just knew it.

One year later, we're still going strong. Brady is incredible in every way to me. I love how he treats me like a princess and takes care of me throughout everything. He is kind, patient, funny, loveable, and a strong example to me in so many aspects. I owe a lot of who I have become to him. He has helped to shape me to be a stronger, better person. Having him out on the road often has been a trial for us, but it is one that we can face together. We can do hard things. I am amazed everyday that I get to call him mine.

I can't believe that one year has flown by so quickly.

Here's to hoping that this year is as incredible as the last.

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