Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Moving Process

So sometime last year, my roommate happened to get engaged. The bad news is, she also happened to own the condo I was living in.

You know what that means...

Yep, I've got to move.

Moving may just be one of the most dreaded things in my book. It's terrible. And it doesn't just happen in one phase, it happens in several.

First, you go through the inevitable "where am I going to live" phase. This can be easy if things are being defined for you, like if you and your friends are moving into a place together, or your friend has an extra room and you know you'd be the best roommates ever. However, this has never really been the case with my moves. Every time I've moved, it's been for a stupid reason, and it makes me hate moving even more. So when you find out you have to move, it's like the entire world stops. You spend hours at a time on KSL and Craigslist, looking through the same posts that you've already said no to a thousand times. Can't find anything? Wait an hour. Still can't find anything? Wait another hour, lower your standards and repeat.

Eventually, you find a few places that look promising. But then comes the worst part: setting up a time to look at the room. This is terrible for many reasons. You have to actually call the person and hope it's not A) a scam, or B) a sex trafficking ring. Usually, you feel like it will be both. When you finally work through a million people's schedules, you have to actually go and see the place. You'll also want to take a friend to make sure that it's really not some sex trafficking scandal, so you'll have to find someone willing to suffer through dozens of crappy apartments and single bedrooms that are too small, too expensive, smelly, stuffy and full of roommates and property managers that you wouldn't sit next to on a bus, let alone share a living space with. Thankfully, Nicole is that friend. And boy, have we seen some crappy places.

So you've gotten through step one and step two without managing to get sold to a sex ring in India or suffer a mental breakdown. Yay! After you sign your soul away for the amount of time on the contract and front a whole lot of money, you've got the keys to your new place. But now what?

Now you move.

This is possibly the worst phase in the entire process. Your friends and family are sick of you asking for free boxes on your Facebook and when you've finally managed to scrounge up enough boxes, now you've got to fill them. Cue at least four hours of you sitting on your bedroom floor reading through notes you've kept in middle school, looking at all of the things you've put in that box of junk that you know is worthless but you still can't manage to throw away because "it's still good stuff!" and losing all productivity you thought you had when you started. When you finally manage to get everything into a box, then you have to move it from point A to point B. Which is the worst in this case because I lived on the third floor of my condo. It basically went like this:

1. Grab one box.
2. Carry said box down three flights of stairs and shove it into your baby car.
3. Trek back up those stairs, fatty.
4. Repeat steps 1-3, make you fall in love with me.... (Couldn't resist.)
5. Once your car is full, drive to your new place while trying to see out of your back window.
6. Arrive at new place; grab one box.
7. Carry said box down two flights of stairs to your dungeon room.
8. Try and think about how many calories you're burning and stay positive.
9. End up laying on the floor wanting to eat cake and die.
10. Repeat.

If you're lucky, you pay a sweet best friend in Mexican food and sweet talk your boyfriend into helping you move, which makes the process move by more quickly. But only slightly. It also makes them hate you more, so it's not really a good trade off. But at least you got all your crap moved. You swear that you're going to be more minimalist! You don't really need three boxes of felt in every color created! You can totally downsize! And the next time you move, you'll realize what a dirty liar you were and hate yourself.

This process is burned fresh into my mind. I've just gotten finished with the moving process into a new apartment, and I am exhausted and excited at the same time. It's always nice to start over in a new space, but this wasn't how I was envisioning my next move... (maybe my next move will be more like the one I had in mind, hint hint). P.S. There are going to be a lot more hints in my blog posts this year. You'll just have to get used to it.

The good news about my new place? It's so much space! While it's a basement space, I have my own large walk in closet and my own bathroom, which I love. I also got the chance to redecorate my space, which I have been wanting to do for a while.

I kept my bathroom pretty simple. The walls look yellow in the pictures, but they are actually tan which is really nice. I decorated in the true spirit of IKEA with a few minor changes. I bought the rug plain and added the chevron pattern with some acrylic paint and received the magnet board from Jensen a few Christmases back.

IKEA shower curtain & DIY Chevron Rug | Target bathroom cabinet
For my bedroom, I have a pretty light color scheme. I didn't want to add darker colors and make the dungeon feel more like the Slytherin common room. I hung a corkboard that I found at DI for $6 (a steal!) over my bed and used it to display all the postcards Brady sent to me while he was working out of town last year. I love that it is a constant reminder of how much he loves me.

My bedding is from IKEA (hiding my Harry Potter duvet underneath... oops?) and I made the flower pillows myself when I made pillow covers for one of my last apartments. I also got my chalkboard from IKEA, which was an impulse buy along with the entire bar of chocolate I scarfed down after that.

Another feature in my room that I absolutely LOVE is my world print from Caravan Shoppe. I happened to see this on Liz from Cotton & Curl's Instagram and knew that I had to have it. Months of jealous lusting later, I finally sat down and bought the print from their site. It is such a great deal! $5 for the image and the rights, and then you take it to your local Staples (I used FedEx) to have it printed. This size is a 36X48 and cost me about $9, which to me is $9 well spent.

All in all, I am thrilled with the result. It's so nice to be moved and settled in, but the process it took to get there is one that I do not want to repeat. (Unless I get to pick my next roommate, hint hint)

Then I will pack it all up and do it again. But I will not be happy about it because moving still sucks.

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