Thursday, June 24, 2010

Current Stats.

currently, i am the following:

-sitting outside baby girl's classroom while she learns the joys of math.

-avoiding most people who look at me.

-really nervous to find out about tryouts [even though i have been assured i will
make it]

-missing alaska.

-happy that i've made some new friends!

-regretting eating that much french toast at magelby's...

-loving the fact i have a laptop

-feeling lonesome without jackie to talk to

-craving peanut butter

-rethinking the fact that i hate running, because i need to tone and fast.

-wondering where my $50 gift certificate to danceworks is, because i have to
buy dance clothes stat.

-hoping for mail, even though it's too soon for mexico.

-staring at the blank wall in front of me...

-kicking myself for leaving my phone charger at home. gah.

-wishing college turns out to be semi-affordable.

aaand that's me. for the moment.

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