Tuesday, June 22, 2010


it's official. this is the greatest time of the year. reasons?

1. Grass

the best part of summer.
L o o o o o n g
earthy grass.

also, i might possibly be addicted to the smell of a freshly mown lawn and starter fluid.
and let's face it, it's just as green wherever you go and whichever side of it you're on.

2. sun
tell me one person who doesn't like the sun.
you put your stunna shades/haterblockerz/sunglasses on and relax
whether it's by the pool or on a crazy drive, everyone just loves getting sun.
it's nature's natural blanket.
it just feels nice.

3. stargazing
now, i may not be jensen and be able to actually find constellations and know what i'm looking at, but i do know that the world is beautiful.
looking up at the night sky on a summer night is one of the best feelings.
find a quiet spot away from the hustle and bustle of the city
preferably with tall grass
lay down.
you feel so small.
but that's the best part.
stargazing provides the best time to reflect on things going on in your life.
the perfect de-stresser.
sometimes we need to take a minute.

4. summer fruits
call me a picky eater. i'll tell you i'm the pickiest eater you'll ever meet.
i probably need another title, like...
'selective eater'.
or 'precautionary eater'.
but i love my summer fruits.
i'm addicted.

5. macey's

the challenge: the KONG KONE.
a provo native will understand the daunting nature of this task.
but perfectly paired with a hot summer day and salty french fries from wendy's*, you can't go wrong.

*best finished at a park, with ice cream dripping down your hand.

6. bare feet

i hate shoes.

summertime tells me it's okay.

"we don't like them either!" summer tells me. "we won't make you wear them!"

which is EXACTLY what i wanted to hear.
bare feet = freedom
(and, according to the sign, summer also thinks it's okay to break a few rules.)

i love summer.
the end.

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