Thursday, August 26, 2010

College, much?

It's official. I am a 100% college student- green, geared up and ready to go into the unknown of Utah Valley University.


Is that slightly unnerving to anyone else? I never thought that I would be here. And yet, here I sit, blogging away in the confines of the library, stalking the mass of cute boys that walk by. (And oh yes, they are cute.) The second day of college is almost the same as the first:
-I haven't seen the same person twice as I fight my way through the halls lined with people who stare at you as you walk by. It's like they've never seen a hallway before, geez.
-My classes aren't stressful...yet. Just going over the syllabus. Which is normal for the first day of any college class I suppose.
-I feel very quiet. But maybe that's because when I go to talk my voice rattles and rasps like an aged smoker. Curse you, allergies.

My first day, though, was fantastic. Wednesday. 9:00am PSYC 1010. That's General Psychology, for those who don't know. There are sixty kids (adults....yikes.) in my class, and my teacher seems not bad looking as well. Probably married like EVERYONE else though. Anywho. I sat next to this girl named Melanie Smith, and she's pretty tight. We went around the room and introduced ourselves and were also asked to "say something interesting about ourselves or our lives". One girl proceeds to say "....My name is blankety blank-blank, I don't know which last name you have, but it's probably the first one. Uhm....I got married about a month ago....and nothing is really interesting about me. My life is pretty bleak." I seriously laughed out loud, and so did most of my class. It's like, hello?? You got MARRIED?? That's pretty interesting. But this kid a few people later goes: "Well, I get married in about a month and a half, and it's good to know it's bleak." Soon after, Melanie gets her turn to introduce herself and says: "I'm Melanie Smith, and I just got married about a week ago, and it's AWESOME!" Cracks me up. And then. There's this guy, and I've been staring at him the entire forty minutes we've been in class thinking 'how do I know him??', and variations of 'wow, he's a fox'. (Yes, I've been known to ogle boys. It happens.) And then he introduces himself very last. Turns out he's the older brother of this kid who was in my English class last year that I also thought was unbearably attractive. Small world, eh? Anywho, I was not about to make that announcement out loud to the entire class, especially him, so I settled for whispering my secret to Melanie on my right. And now, I just laugh about it in my head. Hahaha. Baby Girl also took pity on poor Gus and helped me figure out how to rent my Psychology textbook, which was ridiculously priced, stupid 2010 brand spankin' new edition that you can't buy used... And my bus pass, along with teaching me how to get on the right buses so I can go to school. Bus pass pride!!

Long story short, I love college.

This will probably change, as pointed out to me by many of my friends who have already taken their first year, but for now, I'm excited. I'm excited to buy my textbooks that cost an arm, a leg, and my first born child. I'm thrilled to crack them open and study until my eyes fall out. I can't wait to turn in assignments and be a student again. Summer has been great, but since it's over I'm looking to the fall with a different attitude: a scholarly attitude. Who knows, maybe it'll pay off when I'm taking those December finals.

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