Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Missed Monday

Baby Gurrrrl has issued a challenge:
Blog every day this week.

So easy.

But I didn't see the post until today.

So I'm making up for it by having TWO posts today.
Which is the day.

It's also my dad's birthday!!
(Which means I get cake tonight. Alllllright.)
He's 47, which makes me feel pretty young.
I guess that's because I am, but still.

I technically SHOULD be doing homework.
After all, a paper on the history of the Samba
isn't going to write itself.
(Although I wish it would...)
Also, polynomial functions need to be done.
They, however can feel free to play in traffic.
I don't much care for them at all.

Or I should be practicing my dancing.
We all know I need to.
I'm just so tired.
I'd like nothing better to just curl up
on this couch


But I can't.
Who knows what I'd do or say.
And I am in public, after all.

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