Monday, November 29, 2010

Cozy Socks & Cocoa

Yes, this is how I am choosing to spend my Monday night.

I have on my thickest pair of socks (which are amazing, I recommend everyone buying some ultra thick socks), paired with Seth's pants he lent me yesterday because my clothes smelled like Sears. I dug an old long-sleeved shirt out of the closet and threw my jacket on top, then zipped it all the way to my neck and flipped up the hood. If I had gloves that allowed my fingers to retain typing abilities, I would be wearing those too. Also, if I had a Snuggie, that would be over the top of everything. Snuggies are awesome.

I put my blanket over the one heater vent in my room, so all the warm air that comes through it goes directly to where it is needed most- me. In hindsight, this probably wasn't the smartest idea, seeing as now the rest of my room is positively frigid...but it sure is cozy in here. Cocoa mug? On the left, staring at me as I type. And yes, it actually is staring at me. (It's a snowman, you see.) I feel very content. And yet, somewhat guilty.

This is how I should be spending my Monday night:

-Attempting to clean The Abyss, which until this point has been doing rather well. According to me, at least. Others disagree. However, there is no arguing that it could stand to do with some general sprucing up. Maybe I will put up a Christmas tree.

-Homework of some sort. There is quite the selection to choose from. Sometimes it's almost too hard to decide what I want to do.... Right. End of semester draws near and I still can't escape that haunting feeling I am forgetting some big assignment or something of that nature. Or maybe it's a premonition (Flashback: Ms. Adams class?).

-Organizing my dance supplies. Concert is this week and I need to find all my fake things: fake eyelashes, fake hair, fake tan, etc. I keep putting off tanning in the hopes that it will do itself. It won't. I just don't want to smell like tanner. It makes me slightly nauseated. And orange.

Instead, I am snuggled up in my heater blanket, wishing I was snuggled up next to my boyfriend, sipping cocoa and typing away on a blog that I have neglected for the past two weeks. It has been busy, but I always feel better after I pound out some thoughts on this keyboard. I promise there will be more to come this week- I fear for my sanity if I don't.

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