Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Lovely Day.

Yesterday, I did many lovely things. These things include:

Seeing a lot of my friends after a long weekend.

Attempting to steal a phone and failing miserably.

Meeting with a financial aid advisor who went above and beyond.

Finding the world's largest Easter egg.

Enjoying ice cream with a handsome boy.

Making our own hot air balloon and attempting to fly it.

Watching three episodes of Cake Boss.

Shoe shopping with Bennett.

Eating a delicious Triple Cheese Cheesburger from Red Robin.

Meeting new people and relaxing in the hot tub.

And falling asleep to Joshua Radin playing on Pandora.

On top of all this, the weather was beautiful if not a bit chilly and the day was overall one of the most relaxing, comfortable and enjoyable days I have had in a while. 

I love these days.

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