Tuesday, February 5, 2013

DIY Valentine's Decor

I love decorating for the holidays! I don't really know what it is that makes me stay up watching episode after episode of 30 Rock creating felt pillows and garlands, but I thrive on it. Give me some glitter and I'm a happy girl. 

So it's no surprise that I have already decked out my new place with decorations for the upcoming holiday of love - Valentine's Day. (A quick shout out to my new roommates, who have told me they love my decorations. I seriously hope they mean it, because this my friends, is nothing compared to what I am usually equipped with.)

I love the simplicity of red and pink! I am really thrilled with the way things turned out and love that I went more simple than I initially intended. And learning how to make those tissue paper pompom flowers really pays off over time. I enjoy this tutorial that I found on Pinterest the most.

I had a lot of leftover felt from my Halloween pillow project, so I put it to good use and made a new set of Valentine's pillows. Am I in love with them? Maybe. 

After the move, I had a lot of cardboard laying around. A normal person would have recycled it. But of course I felt ambitious and had to make my own cardboard LOVE letters. Store bought wouldn't do! (I seriously think I have a problem...) A quick wrapping in some natural twine and quite a bit of glitter later, I was satisfied. I love love these letters. I was tempted to do an alphabet to just have on hand, but even the crazy inside of me said "Stop".

Now I can't wait to get onto my second favorite part about holiday's - themed baking! On an impulse buy, I dropped $10 at Wal-Mart on heart shaped sprinkles, no joke. I also need to start thinking about Valentine's! That's next on my list, after some pink cupcakes of course.

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  1. MELISSA- Stop it. You're seriously making us all look bad! Look at how ridiculously creative you are! The envy of all my envy's.