Thursday, July 1, 2010

pizza party for one, please.

that's me, party of one.
and oh geez, do i love pizza. and what with little ceasars right up the street, you can't help but eat it all the time. silly goose.
i'm probably going to gain like fifty pounds from all this pizza.

so i'm just stalking blogs, a hobby i've taken up from my good friend heather (baby gurrrrrrrrl, hey i know you're reading this.) probably one of the only ones besides jackie and bennett. and by the way, i love how we all have these ridiculous nicknames. it makes me feel so good about life. i've actually taken to introducing myself as: 'melissa, but you can call me whatever you want', because i can't remember my actual name sometimes. anyway, huge tangent. BUT. i was blog stalking and realized i hadn't posted in a while. so sorry if i angered your blog demons.

life has been absolutely wonderful lately. i made the tour team for UVU ballroom, and it's so great. i love all the people i've gotten to know so far, and i'm not a complete loser as far as standard medley goes, thank goodness! and it's always great when you throw old emotions into the mix...gah. and it's not that i still like him or anything it's just that it's weird to go to practice every day and greet the guy you first kissed bright and early. suuuuper. and i'm going to russia. me. miss never-been-further-east-than-vernal-and-further-west-than-california is leaving the country. i shall bring back many gifts, and according to brittney lose at least five pounds for being such a picky eater. bahaha.

i miss alaska terribly. more and more each day i go to practice and dance with others. don't get me wrong, they are AMAZING. like, legit i'm in awe at some of the talent i get to share the floor with each morning. but they've all got partners. and then there's me. the partnerless wonder. and team alaska was just so great. we had fun and loved standard. but man, i miss my partner. and i feel like a creeper just going up to random guys and being like: hey, you dance good. dance with me? it's like asking a guy out. sometimes i seriously think ballroom partnerships are a little bit like a marriage. some want to committ, some want to just take it easy, some aren't even sure what they want. and if things don't work out, then it's the other person's fault and you're probably thinking about dropping them for casey treu anyhow. but i just gotta find me a partner. oh and i figured out exactly how i want to alter my dress into a new dress for smooth, when i finally find a partner, and so now i just need to sketch it out. so stoked. then i'll just make my standard dream dress, and if i ever end up competing latin, we'll figure it out.

whilst i was eating my pizza and typing away, i forgot i had taken out the ice cream to soften and it got a little bit melty. so now i will be having a mint chocolate chip shake, rather than the bowl of ice cream i intended. oh well. ice cream is ice cream. i think i could probably live off of it, no lie. jackie, why don't you work at coldstone anymore? because i could really do a coffee lovers only right now for half off. geez bananas.

oh i went to the post office to get my passport in order today, and i now fully comprehend the phrase 'GOING POSTAL'. the guy at the passport office was such a grouch i wanted to ask him what he was thinking when he signed up for a job that required him to be personable. believe me, if the next passport office wasn't clear the heck out in orem, i would have gone somewhere else, because the guy pissed me off that bad. he was a psycho. bah. people.

people in general just make me want to harm something sometimes. is that too harsh? should i PG that up? i mean.....sometimes i just want them to shut up. my favorite is stupid customers at sears. gosh i love my job. mostly because i'm a creep and love to people watch. ask bennett. but they'll ask questions that are so stupid. or get really defensive when i ask them questions. it's like, look lady, this is my job. and i'm just trying to do you a favor and save you some money. i ask everyone the same questions, don't take it personally, i'm not just 'trying to ruin your day', despite the fact that i think your attitude is bigger than your hair. (believe it or not i've actually said that to someone. i have a small temper) i need to remember that there are the thoughts that i think, and the thoughts that i say. and sometimes i confuse which is which. which could possibly be detrimental to my life.

ugh. robert pattinson is on jay leno right now. he's so gross. seriously, edward has a hairy chest? did we learn NOTHING from the books, twilight directors. geez. i would sit through a six hour movie of a book just to see it done to a t. mostly HARRY POTTER. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! i stalk fandango every day just to see if tickets for deathly hallows are on sale yet. and yes, i am one of the nerds that goes at three in the afternoon to wait for a midnight movie, clad in gryffindor gold and maroon with my wand, hatin' on the slytherins. there's just something about loving a book so much and getting into it that makes me feel positively giddy. i love love it. speaking of which, i need to pay my library fines, because i'm in dire need of new material to read. i keep re-reading HP and my books need a break. pages are falling out and whatnot.

argh......and the stupid song my one true love by the decemberists just came on, and it's all 'mr. postman, do you have a letter for me?' :[ and the answer is NO. the postman does not have any mail from me, not even junk mail. and especially not mail from MEXICO, you silly girl. how dare you think you would be getting mail. argh. only five months. really? i mean, really? that's a little ridiculous. during that time i've done SO much, and i feel like it's got to be at least twice that. hmph. i'm so impatient. and james leaves pretty soon, and the cycle just continues. although when he leaves i won't have to worry about pictures that have been altered so i look four hundred pounds heavier showing up unannounced on my facebook page. gah. that boy will pay dearly for those some day.

my hair needs to grow NOW. i completely regret cutting it. bah. and now i look like a boy and just want to walk around with a bag over my head becaue i feel positively dreadful. people say it's not that bad. i think they're all lying, because i truly hate it. i've cried over this haircut so much. and maybe i am being melodramatic. personally, i don't care, because i'm the one who has to deal with it! argh. i keep trying to think positive, but it's so hard. it just needs to grow out

just realized that i've been talking about basically nothing for like, half an hour. to myself, mostly. that's healthy, right? i surely hope so. maybe i should leave myself a little memo of things i need to remember to do this weekend:

dear meliosa,
remember you have work tomorrow night.
also remember to wash your pants.
make heather's bracelet.
and britt wants you to go to colorado.
you should probably blog.
and remember to do your sit ups, you out of shape has been.
sincerely, meliosa

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