Thursday, May 26, 2011

Germ-Free Zone

This is what greeted me upon my arrival at work this morning.

Thanks, Brady.

Crexendo post-it's, quartered paper and green sharpie littered my workspace. He had taken great care to make sure not an ounce of space was wasted.

Pretty sure he was probably working on it all night.

It was surely a sight to see.
[This picture doesn't do it justice.]

Now, after seeing all of this painstakingly done, my first reaction was this:

How do I retaliate?

Jared's solution was genius.

Ryan and I took everything down, hid it at the bottom of Shane's garbage can and covered the hand sanitizer with folders in my desk drawer.
After all, what makes a guy more bothered than when he spent forever devising a brilliant prank, only to have it not be acknowledged?

So I waited until two, until he came in.
And acted like nothing had happened.

And it was beautiful. At first, he tried to tell me I was playing stupid and had taken it all down.
He searched the trash cans.
I opened my desk drawers.

He walked away, dejected.

Secretly, I laughed. But just a little.

But Brady was too smart for me.

Whilst in the middle of a call, he came up with another hand sanitizer container.
(Also, where was he getting all of these? They are HUGE.)

"I found it!"
"Where did you get that??!"
"It's the same one!""

He knew. He knew that by introducing a new one under the facade of the old, I would know it wasn't true. And, he devised, the only way I would know that is if I knew where the original was.

Which, I did.

I had been caught. Found out. Weighed, measured and found wanting.

I took it back and left it on his desk, with a mean post-it attached. (Not pictured due to content.)

It now hangs proudly on his wall.

Sooner or later, though- I will get him back.

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