Sunday, June 12, 2011

May or May Not.

I May or May Not have decided to put my own bed together.

Just so you know, the screws are mandatory in the attendance of this building party.
I apparently did not feel the same way.
Brady will fix it for me later, he says.
Hopefully before I die.

I should not be allowed to put things together unless under heavy supervision.

I May or May Not freelance for the IKEA catalog.

They asked me to photograph the 2012 catalog, but I couldn't move to Sweden.
How unfortunate for all you IKEA shoppers.
Recently, I took a field trip there to gather some supplies for my room re-do.
This is basically all I have set up so far, besides that blasted bookshelf.
Details to come.

Untouched, taken by yours truly. Be impressed.

I May or May Not ignore instruction manuals.

I don't.
Jenna does, that's for sure.
Waited all day for another human to build my bookshelf with me
because that's what the instructions said, of course.

Little did I know it was a plot.
Even my furniture is trying to get me to procrastinate.
It's inevitable.

Explicit instructions to put my life on hold until a friend can come help me stare at a pile of bookshelf pieces.

I May or May Not drive.

Thank you, Angela
for trusting me to:
not kill a pedestrian
not kill your car
not kill you
not kill anything at all 
except for maybe a few insects
whilst in your car.

Concrete proof that I manned a vehicle.

I May or May Not attempt to eat healthy.

I do try, actually.
But ultimately the cheeseburger gets the best of me.
However, brown bagged lunches at the office are rather health-conscious.
'A' for effort, right?

Complete with name, so that lunch snatchers keep their distance.

I May or May Not have a betta from outer space.

Took this one last night.
Won't tell you how.
They might be watching us.

One thing is for sure:
Leo knows something I don't.

Altogether, this is a pretty sweet picture I must admit. Untouched.

I May or May Not be sitting in my room on the floor in my pajamas, drinking apple juice and writing a blog post instead of cleaning my room.

Which would you rather do?

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