Sunday, June 5, 2011

You Look So Good; I Love Your Dress.

This was yelled to me by two boys longboarding Provo Canyon this afternoon.
What nerds.

Although I will say, I was flattered.

I fell in love with the canyon again today.

The afternoon was balmy and the sky was clear against the emerging greens. I smelled others starting campfires and yearned for a night like last summer, where we loaded the car with blankets and supplies from Days and lost ourselves in the heart of the canyon. As I walked up the trail by myself, I found myself lost in thought again and my mind racing about nothing in particular. Whenever this happens, I seem to work out my thoughts and resolve any issues I have been struggling with. I am amazed with the feeling I leave there with. It simplifies so much in my life, I cannot believe how wonderful the outdoors can be.

I find myself at peace when I am there.

It's funny to me how a simple walk can help make a difference in the way I feel, think and act. My mind is clearer; my thoughts more rational; my self more at ease. Someday, I will own property up that canyon.

This weekend has been incredible, to say the very least.
I have found myself lost in thought upon waking up Saturday morning and have not been able to stop myself since. It is a beautiful thing, this mood I am in.

I have a feeling that this will be a life-changing summer, and it's only just beginning.

I hope I am up for the ride. 

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